New Law College, Ahmednagar


B.A. LL.B. (Five Year Course)

Eligibility & Qualifying Examination forAdmission:

         B.A.LL.B. and B.B.A. LL.B. (Integrated Double Degree Programmed): An applicant who has successfully completed Senior Secondary School course (‘+2’) or equivalent (such as 11+1, ‘A’ level in Senior School Leaving certificate course) from a recognized University of India or outside or from a Senior Secondary Board or equivalent, constituted or recognized by the Union or by a State Government or from any equivalent institution from a foreign country recognized by the government of that country for the purpose of issue of qualifying certificate on successful completion of the course, may apply for and be admitted into the programmed of the Centers of Legal Education to obtain the integrated degree in law with a degree in any other subject as the first degree from the University whose such a degree in law is recognized by the Bar Council of
India for the purpose of enrollment.

Explanation: The applicants who have obtained 10+2 or graduation / post graduation through open Universities system directly without having any basic qualification for prosecuting such studies are not eligible for admission in the law courses


First Year

           Semester I           Semester II

1. General English
2. General principles of Political Science
3. General principles of Economics
4. General Principles of Sociology

1. English for Law
2. Political Theories
3. Macro Economics, Policies and Practice
4. Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology

Second Year

                                                                                                                         (2017 Pattern) 
           Semester III         Semester IV
  1. Legal Language and Legal Reasoning
  2. Public Policy and Public Administration
  3. Theories of Development and Indian Economy
  4. Society in India
  1. Law and Literature
  2. International Relations
  3. Law and Economics
  4. Social Research Methods

Third Year

  (2003 Pattern)

              Semester V           Semester VI

1. Law of Crimes
2. Family – I
3. Labour Laws
4. Optional Subject (any one)
     a. Trust, Equity and Fiduciary           Relationships
     b. International Economic                Law
     c. Women and Law and                    Laws Relating to Child
     d. Criminology and Penology

1. Law of Torts and Consumer         Protection Act
2. Constitutional Law
3. Family Law II
4. Practical Training III
   (Professional Ethics and               Accountancy for
   Lawyers and Bar Bench               Relations)

(2017 Pattern)

              Semester V           Semester VI

1. Legal and Constitutional              History
2. Family Law I
3. Law of Contract I
4. Law of Crimes
    Optional Subject 1 (Any one          from the following)
     a. Health and Food Law
     b. Equity and Trust Law
     c. Criminal Psychology and              Criminal Sociology
     d. Agricultural Marketing                   Law
     e. Intellectual Property                     Right I

1.Constitutional Law I
2. Family Law II
3. Law of Contract II
4. Tort and Consumer                          Protection Law Optional              Subject 2 (Any one from the         following)
      a. Media and Law
      b. Banking and Insurance              Law
      c. Penology and Victimology
      d. Land Acquisition Law
      e. Intellectual Property                    Rights II 

Fourth Year

        Semester VII         Semester VIII

1.Law of Evidence
2. Environmental laws (including laws for Protection of
    Wild Life and Other Living Creatures including Animal
3. Human Rights and International Law
4. Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Dispute
     Resolution System

1. Jurisprudence
2. Property Law including Transfer of Property Act and
    Easement Act
3. Public Interest Lawyering,
     Legal Aid and Para Legal Services
4. Optional Subject (Any One)
       a. Comparative Law               b. Law of Insurance
       c. Conflict of Law                     d. Intellectual Property Law

Fifth Year

            Semester IX            Semester X

1.Code of Civil rocedure and the Limitation Act
2. Administrative Law
3. Interpretation of Statutes
4. Land Laws
5. Moot Court and Pre-Trial Preparation

1.Code of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice
    Act and Probation of Offenders Act
2. Company Law (Companies Act 2013)
3. Moot Court (Continued)
4. Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing
5. Optional Paper (any one)
      a. Taxation Laws
      b. Banking Laws Including Negotiable Instruments Act
      c. Co-operative Law
      d. Investment and Security Laws